17. Sacrifices

September 14 – 16, 213 Tyr

Just before sunrise, the fourteenth of September, our heroes disembarked the Ameliorant some distance outside the imperial capitol, the city of Tyr. They strode proudly to the banks of the river Xele where it flows into the flood plain surrounding the city. After an icy winter in the Skyrakes and a warm, wet summer, the twin rivers were still flowing heavily and the flood plains held standing water. To avoid fording the waters, the party commissioned a simple raft from one of the poor farmers tending the lowland soil. As the party paddled into deeper water, the raft, more a few unsealed logs lashed together with reeds, was promptly attacked by river crocodiles. Arden was pulled to the bottom of the river and might have drowned were it not for his unique abilities. After dispatching the crocodiles, a kind farmer advised them to cover themselves in river mud to mask their scent and avoid the “snappers.” This advice proved most helpful.

Sid, Gan, and Arden proceeded to the great Library of Tyr in the hopes of finding further information on the mysterious cube they recovered from the Inoxorium. Along the way they discovered that the Emperor has been missing from the city of Tyr for nearly four months. He departed on a secret campaign in late May, was expected to return in June, but has not been seen or heard from since. At the Library, a vast collection of all the relevant records and documents in the Empire, the party commissioned an archivist to research Baalon and related artifacts.

The following afternoon, Xolec Patros- the Lord High Arbiter- visited the party’s suite. Ignoring the overturned Cup of Many sips and the drawn shades, Patros invited the three of them to join him in a stroll through the aristocratic hilltops of Tyr. There they discussed many things: the party’s liberation of the Eaglecrest Arcanum, the missing Emperor, and the power struggle between the various Lords of Tyr. Over dinner at Patros’ estate, he requested their assistance in resolving a delicate situation. An Imperial Justicar, pledged directly to the Emperor, has reinstated the age-old Tyrish tradition of human sacrifice in a village near the city. Because the political ramifications of Xolec acting directly would be severe, he requested that the party put an end to these sacrifices.

Thus, under cover of darkness, the party infiltrated the village. They discovered that the villagers were not being put to death, but were rather volunteering for sacrifice. The party employed a ruse to convince the villagers that the Emperor disapproved of these actions, with considerable success. However, the Justicar was not convinced and engaged Gan in combat. However, she was quickly subdued and agreed to return to the city to face trial. Along the way she explained that she had grown up in the village and that they had always practiced human sacrifice. With the Emperor missing and the village’s crops failing, they merely increased the rate of this tradition under Justicar Meli’s supervision. She proceeded to explain that the Emperor would not return because he is dead. She is certain of this fact because of the bond of love that they share.

Patros and the other Lord of Tyr were pleased to see Meli returned to justice- her trial will be held in the ensuing days. In a meantime, the Lord High Arbiter is commissioning the party to search for the missing Emperor.



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