18. Yo Ho Yo Ho!

September 22 – October 5, 213 Tyr

During the group’s leisure time in Tyr proper, they find themselves enjoying the finer things the city has to offer, filling their days with lavish meetings in the company of the High-lords of Tyr. That is until word reached them of someone seeking the ‘heroes of Eagle Crest’. With further investigation into the inquiry on their behalf, it becomes painfully clear that their few precious days of relaxation has come to an end.

Deeper probing reveals that if they are to get to the bottom of this request, they may find themselves further from the reputable Tyrish districts. The investigation leads to t small Nassari themed pub, smack-dab in the middle of a sea of peddlers hawking poorly made ‘relics’ from the desert. Upon entering the bar and making a spectacle of themselves… at least Sid did… They get re-directed to the single authentic Nassari landmark in the district, the Temple of the Sun. Complete with sand-laden floors to the ornate carvings dedicated to the sun, sand, spiders and the like, the temple’s authenticity is confirmed.

While killing time until the predetermined meeting time with their anonymous caller, they shop around the stalls temple adjacent uncovering what seemed to be the only worthwhile trinket among the sea of knockoffs: a small vial containing sand said to have a ‘nigh unquenchable thirst’.

While the sun lazily dipped below the high terraces, the group made its way back tot he temple, and before a plan of any sort could be concocted as to how to deal with the meeting… a familiar voice croaks out from a large imposing cloaked figure, Sebastien knew just how to drag them from the Terraces and into his realm, and had done it again. They where caught by surprise and at his mercy.

Luckily he came armed with only a proposal, granted a selfish one but as far as the group saw it, any cut of action is far better than none at all. The plan was to assist Sebastien to getting what he deserved from a swarthy captain Tumblers who failed to repay a debt. He promised the group a good sum to take part in a scheme to catch Jacken by surprised and deliver him into the mercy of Sebastien. While Arden, Gan and Sebastien where making a diversion, Sid was to sneak in undetected upon his ship moored in a private cove and take him hostage, simple enough.

As the ship came into view, Sid bit the guys adieu and took position readying himself to get aboard the ship at the first opportunity. The plan goes off without a hitch… probably because it was all a setup at the group’s expense. It wasn’t until Sid was humiliatingly walked down the gangplank at sword-point, complete with dozens of bows trained on him; did they realize that the proverbial excrement had hit the gyroscopic wind-conjuring mechanism.

The group had been sold down the river, it wasn’t until Jacken explained the situation did it become clear that Sebastien had been indebted to the good captain and used Sid’s life as payment to free himself from the bonds of Mr. Tumblers. Gan made a bet on a game of dice pitting the remaining group’s freedom in exchange for Sid’s, and being a gambling man at heart, Jacken could not acquiesce to his request. The game was cut short due to a terribly misguided, yet well intended, ambush of the captain, rending the entire group clasped in irons.

Miraculously and while being in NO position to negotiate, they are able to work out an arrangement to uncover a treasure-trove for the good captain in exchange for their freedom… this trove happens to be the same location that jacken and his crew dropped off a detachment of Imperial agents about a month prior…



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