19. A Pirate's Life for Me

October 6 – 20, 213 XT

Following the party’s capture, a deal was negotiated whereby Gan, Sid, and Arden would accompany two of Jacken’s most trusted lieutenants, Kohr Greywater and Jean LeMarque, on an away mission to recover treasure from an island off the coast of Otilan.

The island turned out to be the home of an ancient temple dedicated to long forgotten sea gods, Much of the labyrinth was flooded with water, seemingly be design. The intention was to challenge the faithful to demonstrate their devotion with a physical test. A seemingly endless maze stretched underneath the island, with corridors upon corridors and ancient, faded bas-reliefs carved into the walls. Being entirely uncertain of the extent of the corridors or their swimming capabilities (despite Kohr and Jean being seasoned pirates and presumably quite good at swimming,) the party stood around for quite some time looking nervously at each other and uncertain of how to proceed.

Arden was able to use his mystical druidic powers to temporarily breathe as the fish do and explored the underwater catacombs. He found that the passage was blocked, and after some debate, the party used a combination of muscle, fish-breathing, and bear to clear the passage and begin their explorations in earnest. After overcoming some gated passages and a few elemental guardians left over from some combat concluded months prior, the party came to find a scene of unimaginable carnage. Burned and battered corpses were strewn across a great ceremonial chamber, armor and weapons pitted by exposure to salt water, features dissolved by time and microscopic organisms. The only two items that seemed to be spared from the decay were a short sword (which Gan took) and a coronet (which Sid grabbed.)

Unsettled by the implications of their discovery, the party conducted an impromptu funeral service for the deceased and returned to the ship. They were placed back in stocks by the cruel drunkard Jacken, but springed shortly thereafter by his two treacherous henchmen. A battle ensued between those loyal to Jacken and those sick of his mincing, poetic ways, and he was quickly deposed and feld (although not before Arden was unceremoniously knocked into the sea.)

The Emperor’s whereabouts ascertained and Jacken’s reign of terror ended, the party parted ways with Kohr, Jean, and Sebastien after extracting a promise to head elsewhere. The only thing left to do was to return to Tyr and inform the High Lords of what they had found.



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