21. The Quarterlies

November 14, 213 XT

While the party was busy uncovering the truth about the Emperor’s seeming immortality, the High Lords were planning how best to secure the favor of the citizens of Tyr. Each High Lord approached the party and invited them to be their champions in the match, and after much discussion (including the possibility of being the champions of House Maro,) the party decided that Quinos Tetro’s viewpoints were most in line with their own, and so fought on his behalf.

In the first round of the Quarterlies, the party faced the sons of House Arvina. They were strong boys, and perhaps the toughest of their peers, but little match for a group of seasoned warriors.

In the second round, the party faced a band of Black Wind mercenaries from the Great Eastern Desert. They put up a better showing than the Arvina boys, but were still summarily bested. That night, the party traded stories and drinks with the mercenaries, learning a bit about what the situation to the east was like.

In the third round, a mysterious orc that called himself the Crimson Priest was the party’s opponent. He fought alone, but attempted to separate the party with a wall of conjured flames and a great summoned wolf. Still, the party was able to overcome his tricks and his beast, securing victory.

In the fourth round, the party faced off against the hired champions of Huitzul Malcus, a duo known as the Sound and the Fury. The Sound was a comely female bard from Westings, and the Fury was a raging barbarian of the Medijir tribe. The Sound was isolated from the Fury and quickly neutralized, but it took the combined might of Maz, Sid’s magic, and Gan to restrain the Fury. Gan, in a display of unthinkable recklessness and bravado, climbed atop the Fury in the bedlam and rode him around the arena as though he were a raging bull. The crowd ate it up.

In the final round, the party faced Xolec Patros’ champions, the Unstoppable Force. The Force proved to be dangerous combatants; in the first round of combat, one of their member sprinted across the battlefield and disarmed Gan, although he earned a mountain-shattering punch to the snout for his troubles. The Force’s wizard rained fireballs down upon the party and their crusader was able to stand toe-to-toe with Gan, Arden, and Maz. Sid was knocked unconscious, and it was only through luck that Gan and Arden were able to defeat the crusader. Still, victory was achieved, and the party stood as the champions of the Quarterly.

As promised, Quinos granted the party a small parcel of land in the nation of Tyr, a manor in the city proper, and noble titles. The party threw a grand celebration that night, replete with ample drinking, debauchery, and broken furniture. All was well. One barbarian was changed forever.



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