22. The Village of Kursh

November 15 – December 7, 213 XT

The party convinces Meli to deny the paternity of her child and she is released from prison to house arrest in her former village
Quinos Tetro and Meli both provide a small number of Justicar to accompany the party- Quinos’ are led by Captain Tijon
The party sets out for the Lords’ Summit by way of Eaglecrest
In Eaglecrest, Grandmaster of Divination Meddle helps to research the lore behind the plate of Anteer and suggests that it was held by the Strozugs of Kursh
The party travels three days to the mountain down of Kursh
They discover Strozug has been ousted by the new chieftain Bansick, Strozug’s sons accidently summoned the demon Anteer and allowed him to escape into the wilds of the Skyrake
The party convinces Bansick to open the path to Troll Gulley and attack the trolls, whom they believe are being led by Anteer
Over the next couple weeks, Bansick summons an army of Nuar warriors



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