23. Showdown at Troll Gulley

December 26 – 27, 213 XT

An army of 300 Nuar warriors is assembled to assault Troll Gulley.
Gan convinces Meli’s eight Justicar to follow them into battle.
The party clears out three “watch towers” with a fair amount of success.
The army marches on the Gulley.
The party cuts a path to the Troll chieftain and slays him
The party captures an escaping troll carrying the demon Anteer in his pack
There is a disagreement as to what to do with Anteer
Sid kills Gan
Arden kills Anteer
Arden knocks out Sid
Arden sets out with the remains of the party toward Eaglecrest
Sid taps into mysterious arcane energies to raise Gan



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