24. The Lords' Summit

December 31, 213 XT – February 14, 214 XT

The party arrived at the Summit to little fanfare, and given the slow pace of the opening days, took the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with old friends. Cirily was there, peddling his wares of questionable value; Lana, Sir Reed (now Lord Reed,) and Alroy had already been there for some time; the elder Duke Hanley, father of the disintegrated-by-Joules Lord Hanley was also there, to the party’s consternation.

Seeking to endear themselves to the jaded, joyless nobles of the Commonwealth, the party pooled together some of their wealth to throw a raging party. The Commonmirth performed, seven courses were served, oiled slave men and women served the food. Truly, it was the talk of the early weeks of the Summit. At the party, Gan recognized a figure from his past, Zaraan, the wife of Lord Ashworth, vassal to Silvas, Duke of Merenthia. Still reeling from the trauma of dying and being resurrected, Gan found himself an emotional mess for days afterward.

For most of the Summit, the party watched from the sidelines. Scrying by Arden revealed that Orenwell was at the Summit posing as Lord Marsh, vassal to Duke Logan of Hensworth. Sid participated in the joust, Gan sponsored Justicar Qiram as his champion in the same joust, and Lord Ashworth ultimately won. As the Summit came to a close, the Adendir’s Tempest gave a presentation on the nature of magic. Their experiments and observations had revealed fundamental similarities in the neural architecture of magic users, regardless of the type of magic they employed. Whether or not individuals with certain brains are predisposed to magical potential or the use of magic alters the brains of those who wield it was unclear, but the Tempest seemed to believe the latter.

With the summit coming to a close and the party no closer to finding the plate,

Broke into Marsh’s room
Confronted Silvas about wife, he flipped out
Told Lana what we were planning (Gan tracked down Zaraan, told her that he still loved her, found out he had a kid)
Teleported into Silvas’ tent, killed one guard, Silvas sacrificed himself in vain to save his “wife,” the gang ran off into the night

In the aftermath of the Summit, Lord Bowen Ashworth assumed the Dukeship of Merenthia, Lord Hanley became Archduke of the Commonwealth, and Lana seceded (with Hanley’s blessing) from the Commonwealth. The party, meanwhile, ventured north in the dead of winter with no provisions, no friends, and no plans.



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