Gan Kefmahl

Arrogant Sell-sword


Not much is known about Gan Kefmahl’s past, although he is all too eager to talk about himself. With dark skin and hair that suggests a lineage entirely born of the desert sands, Gan boasts that his father and mother were both great warriors, and their fathers and mothers before them, and so on into time immemorial. There is likely quite a bit of truth to this claim, but no real way to verify it, as Gan’s family is not from the area around Nassarak, and therefore he is the only one registered with the Combine. Incredibly, his license actually lists his profession as “Adventurer Extraordinaire;” indeed, most of his time is spent away from the city, either serving as a guard with merchant caravans or scouring the desert ruins for treasure and trouble at the behest of some benefactor. When he is in the city, he can often be found in the seedier quarters, wooing young and foolish women and picking fights with arrogant and foolish men.

Despite his boasting and flair for exaggeration, Gan is actually a fairly accomplished warrior. Instead of the heavier weapons that the Nassarak guards favor, he wields a wickedly curved saif and a shield. His armor and shield both bear a black tint to them, instead of the red streaks found in virtually all other armor fashioned in part from the arachnids that inhabit the desert. This suggests, at the very least, that the armor comes from an area quite distant from Nassarak where the spiders are a different color, or perhaps that the armor may actually be as old as he claims it is. Gan’s fighting style is certainly unlike anything in the area, full of flourishes and ripostes and other unconventional maneuvers. He also claims to be able to master any weapon, given an hour to train and familiarize himself with it, but this claim is, of course, patently absurd. Regardless, he carries an assortment of blunt and bladed weapons on his person when travelling; if nothing else, his dedication to his ridiculous self-aggrandizing is impressive.
If Gan has a real weakness, it’s that his self-confidence renders him careless in social situations. So assured is he of the infallibility of his skills that he often speaks without thinking and lets small but important details slip past unnoticed. This has yet to result in a situation he could not either charm or fight his way out of, but the possibility certainly exists. This bravado also makes him a poor choice for standing guard at night, as he is more likely to spend his time perfecting his fighting style than paying attention to his surroundings.

Gan’s goal (or, as he calls it, his “destiny,”) is to make a name and a fortune for himself in the lands around Nassarak, and eventually head northwest to Tyr. He has heard that there is a great Coliseum there, where warriors of all kinds test themselves against sword and magic and fang. He imagines that his ancestors would be proud of whatever end he finds there, either retiring beloved by thousands or succumbing to his wounds atop a mountain of fallen foes.

During the party’s time in Darrow, it became apparent that Gan worked for various crimelords before taking up adventuring as a full-time profession. He is somewhat well-known in the Great Eastern Desert’s various organized crime circles as rather effective and efficient hatchetman, and has made at least one major enemy in the form of Gil Halfcutter. Following Gil’s kidnapping of the duchess Lana, Gan (with the help of Sid Corvino and Joules Krick) brutally murdered Gil in his own inn. While such cruelty and viciousness is not a large part of Gan’s nature (at least, he hopes it isn’t,) the event serves as a chilling reminder that Gan has seen some of the worst of human nature under the desert sun, and that he will not hesitate to mercilessly slaughter men as despicable as Halfcutter.

More recently, Gan similarly interrogated the assassin known as Lady Shadowmeld. Through her cooperation, she managed to avoid the same fate as Halfcutter, although why, exactly, she was spared despite her direct attempt on the duchess’s life is a question that’s yet to be answered, even by Gan himself.

Gan Kefmahl

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