The Emperor

His Divinity, the immortal ruler of the Tyrish Empire


Usually referred to as simply The Emperor, sometimes His Divinity, and occasionally even Lord High Tyr, few know the given name of Tyr’s supreme leader. Blessed with an unnaturally long life, he has ruled the empire since he led the campaign of its establishment 213 years ago. He is unrivaled in his mastery of statecraft and military tactics seemingly of equal comfort sitting on the Golden Throne or donning his armor and standing on the field of battle.

The Emperor frequently appears and speaks to the people of Tyr. However, he keeps very few in his confidences. It is said that even his highest-ranking minsters do not know him personally. Perhaps this is a calculated effort to add to his legend. Most of the more conservative populace of Tyr the city-state believe in the long-held belief that the Emperor is himself a divine being and the corporal will of the Tyroch’e. However, the more progressive Tyrish have their doubts and some of his imperial subjects find the very idea heretical.

There are rumors amongst the smallfolk of Tyr that the Emperor has not made an appearance in the city for over a month. Amongst the more superstitious and gossipy of the populace, it is believed that he has fallen ill and that the empire is now being ruled by the Lords of Tyr in his name. It is also speculated that he is meditating in private on some issue crucial to the future of the empire, and that when he re-emerges things will be forever changed.

The Emperor

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