16. Silverhelm's Guests

September 13, 213 Tyr

After hitching a ride in the direction of Tyr aboard the Ameliorant, the party was presented with a business proposition from Andros: go to see Oxil Silverhelm, the last son of a proud dwarven mining family, and convince him to part with a majority interest in his now defunct mine. Andros was reticent to discuss the exact reason behind the Diggers’ Union’s interest in the mine (there was talk of precious metals, but undoubtedly there was more to it than that,) but after ascertaining that he didn’t intend to trick the party into slavery or unfairly cheat Silverhelm out of his ancestral mine, the party agreed.

Andros let the party out a short distance from Silverhelm’s manor, and negotiations went fairly smoothly. Oxil spun a tale of sorrow about trolls moving unbidden into the mines, and many of his servants and family sallying forth to expunge the beasts. They were never heard from again, and Oxil has lived alone with his manservant Banford ever since. The party offered to clear the mine for Oxil and framed the deal with Andros in terms of reclaiming his family’s honor, and before long, he agreed.

The mine, aside from a few misadventures with giant centipedes and cave-ins, proved to be devoid of any serious threats. Farther in the mine (in a level so deep as to cast doubts as to whether it could still be called part of the mine proper,) the party found evidence of the dwarven expeditionary group’s last stand, as well as a whole slew of dead trolls. Before they could investigate further, however, they were attacked by a great mechanical contraption designed to dig and defend the mine. After a harrowing battle, the party disabled the machine and continued their exploration. The tunnel seemed to stretch even farther into the dark heart of the earth, and after reflecting on their wounds and the fact that they’d technically satisfied their contractual obligations to Andros, they made the trek back to the surface.

Oxil, although saddened to learn the final fate of his wife and his compatriots, was pleased to have his mine cleared of monsters and a powerful new business partner with which he could rebuild his family’s fame and fortune. Andros, although slightly miffed at having to shell out gold for a controlling interest in the mine, was pleased that things worked out for the best. With nothing else to do in the lowlands around Tyr, the party set sail for the great city itself.

15. The Vault

September 3 – 10, 213 Tyr

14. Gorrish Cometh

August 19 – September 3, 213 Tyr

- Party finds out that bad things are happening in Darrow and Nassarak.
- Teleport outside of Darrow, see band of Dossari that have been killed by bees.
- Fight Bees, they buzz “Gorrish is coming.”
- Get in to Darrow: Full of refugees from Nassarak, Orlan has converted Toothbreakers to Eastway Guild, reopened the Eastway Mine with business associate Andros Kingman
- Find out about Nassarak: Mysteries Coalition got investigated for dabbling in dark arts, warlocks attacked Combine, Combine came down hard on warlocks, warlocks spread throughout the city in hiding, MC now puppet of the Combine which holds the city under martial law while looking for warlocks.
- Warlocks from Mysteries Coalition summon Gorrish, he kills them and runs amok in the city until the party slays him
- Pick up a plate that Gorrish had bound around his neck
- Decide to head off to Nassarak to help out

13. The Liberation of Eaglecrest Pt. II

August 18 – 19, 213 Tyr

- The party finishes the Proving, Divination room claims Orenwell was the last to pass through it
- All the Witch Hunters are dead, so is Nesline, so is Elmin, the wizards around bound and blindfolded
- The wizards are released
- Wintz has left Eaglecrest, scrying shows he is still in Arcanum, party finds Wintz’ corpse (an imposter Wintz escaped the Arcanum!)
- Party has thanks of Eaglecrest and settles in to plan their next move

12. The Liberation of Eaglecrest Pt. I

August 16 – 18, 213 Tyr

- Eaglecrest Arcanum has been attacked by Witch Hunters
- They ceased the Arcanum, murdered most of the wizards and students, took the others hostage, and holed up inside the Arcanum
- They meet Wintz a young novice who just escaped the attack with his life- he explains that the WHs went through corridors into the mountain, but sealed the corridors behind them, now they only way to follow is through the Proving
- Thorq, an Arcanum guard, joins the party in going through the Proving to rescue the wizards
- They make it halfway through the proving

11. Ruins Beneath the Skyrake

July 22 – August 16, 213 Tyr

- Party goes out to stop mining operation at the edge of the Roivelle/foothills of the Skyrake
- Discovers that operation is being run by Adendir’s Tempest
- Uncovering a Belxic Ruin
- Guarded by a strange, non-magic machine
- A ghost allows passage into a chamber full of engravings about the nature of magic in ancient languages (Abyssal, Druidic, and two other unknown languages)
- Party rubs etchings, makes two copies and gives one to the Tempest and keeps one.
- Messenger to the Tempest camp- Eaglecrest has been attacked by Witch Hunters!

10. Seeking the Order of the Claw

July 18-22, 213 Tyr

The party continues it’s journey in the Roivelle Forrest. Having rescued Sir Reed from the kobold tribe the group agrees to help the stranded knight find the rest of his men. Sir Reed tells of how he and his men were ambushed by giant bats while making camp, and that many of his men perished in the fight. He guides the party to the site of the battle where the group finds the still-fresh corpses of the Knott regiment scattered across a clearing in the woods.

As the group goes about gathering the bodies to give them a proper burial they find that one of the men, Sir Reed’s squire, is still alive. Some quick healing magic gets the wounded man back on his feet and the party continues to gather the corpses. Sir Reed is about to offer some works in memorial to the fallen men when a giant beast burrows its way out of one of the fallen soldiers. This tentacled monstrosity paralyzes Sir Reed with a venomous bite, however the rest of the party is able to put down the creature and Sir Reed recovers after a short while. As a precaution the rest of the bodies are burned to destroy any other such creatures that may be incubating in the fallen soldiers.

With the battle field finally cleaned, Sir Reed reveals to the party his true reason for venturing into the Roivelle. He tells of numerous reports of viscous forrest animals attacking the towns and villages neighboring the great forrest, and he had led a company of men into the woods to find the Claws of the Wild, a group of mages rumored to have some manner of control over the forest creatures. He reveals a sheet of parchment that is his only clue to the Claw’s whereabouts. To most of the party the parchment contains nonsense, strange scribles and weblike scratches, however Arden is able to decipher a poem of sorts:
At the bank of the Eternal Mirror,
stone that sparkles,
water that chills,
the sweetness of the fresh kill,
Hear the crackle and the smoke soothes.

The group suspects that this poem is some sort of clue as to how to find the claws, and suspecting that the “Eternal Mirror” is a lake, they follow Sir Reed to a large lake he remembered passing with his company. Here they find a strangely still patch of water near a waterfall, and after some searching they discover a stone with ceremonial markings on it. Following the lines of the poems they present sparking stones (diamonds form the kobold camp), cold water (in the lake), a fresh kill (a deer caught by Mazz), and soothing smoke (forrest herbs burned over a fire). As they do so a cave emerges behind the waterfall, which the party explores finding a strange and magical path through the woods. Sid finds himself overwhelmed by the magical forces at work when he tries to sense the source of the enchantments surrounding the strange glade, however Arden discovers that his own arcane powers are elevated by the mystical surroundings.

As the party ventures along the path they find they passage blocked by a large stone. Suddenly they discover the surround trees are closing in around them, threatening to crush them, however through a combination of might and magic the group is able to move the stone out of the way and proceeds along the trail once more.

The path leads them to the edge of a canyon, a river rushing bellow them, and a path visible across the gap. Arden notices that the parchment now reads “Step as one”, and taking this to be further instructions, has the group step out into the open air suspecting that some magical force will provide a bridge across the canyon. For a moment it seems the plan has worked, their feet finding momentary purchase in the void, but then the hidden bridge evaporates and the party plunges into the rushing water below.

Sid and Gan are able to cling to the cliffside and escape the current, while the rest of the group gasps for air, nearly drowning in their heavy armor, as the rushing river pulls them along. Eventually the group washes ashore as the river flows into a sandy beach. They find a new path leading from the beach back into the forrest, and following this they come to an alter of sorts, bearing a large hunting horn. Arden checks the parchment and finds it now reads “Call on Jaroque (sp?)”. Joules recognizes this as an elvish name for a Giant Cat, and warns Arden not to listen to the parchment, but Arden stubbornly follows that instructions and sounds a great bellowing call from the ceremonial horn.

Moments later Jaroque appears, and Arden, sensing some strange connection with the giant beast, attempts to reason with it, however the cat is not pleased with Arden’s attempt and it pounces on the party. A fierce combat ensures. The adventures find that they cannot pierce the hide of the great cat, however they are finaly able to bring it down after numerous blugening blows and magical attacks.
They proceed once more down the forrest path, only to be assaulted by dozens of arrows flying out of the trees. Unable to see their attackers, the group retreats back to the clearing. After debating their options Joules has a sudden stroke of insight. He uses his magic to levitate the corpse of Jaroque, which with its impenetrable hide is impervious to arrows. The party takes refuge under the dead beast and is able to pass through the flights of arrows unscathed.
Finally the swarms of arrows abate and the party finds they have arrived in a grove of great beauty and tranquility. The spot seveal people gathered in the glade, one of whom introduces himself as Kyrenar (sp?), the leader of the Claws of the Wild. He is clearly impressed that the party was able to make it down the path to the glade, however when Sir Reed reveals the reason for their journey Kyrenar is not pleased. He asks why shouldn’t the forest creatures be able to hunt, as they naturally do? Arden enters the debate, arguing that there has long been peace between the forrest creatures and the people of the plains, and that the recent attacks threaten to break this uneasy coexistence, leading to a war that would be of no benefit to either side.
Kyrenar takes a special interest in Arden and Mazz, and recognizing the nature of Arden’s magic, asks the traveler to sign for him. Arden does so, evoking in song the sprits of the great worms of the desert sands and the spiders from the dark places beneath the earth. In the song’s final notes Kyrenar joins in harmony and for a moment the music achieves a deep and sublime power beyond mere sound and sensation.

9. Journey into the Roivelle

June 23 – July 18, 213 Tyr

The duchess’ life is in mortal danger, having just been stabbed in the chest by Lady Shadowmeld. Thankfully the party, though exhausted from the fight with the hydra, awakens in time to prevent the assassin from killing Lady Lana. A frantic combat ensues in which Gan’s might proves too much for the Lady Shadowmeld as he tackles her into a tent and knocks her unconscious. Meanwhile Arden attempts to treat the Duchess’ wounds only to find that the assassin’s blade was coated with some sinister substance that prevents any magical healing from having effect. Forced to employ first aid methods he hadn’t used since his service in the army, Arden manages to stop the bleeding and stabilize the Duchess, however the poison prevents her from making a rapid recovery.

With the rest of the camp now awake from the all of the commotion the party decides to set forth despite the late hour, hoping to get the Duchess do a proper bed where they will be better able to care for her. After three or four hours of travel they arrive at a farmhouse, and the owners agree to let them stay until Lady Lana is healed enough to travel to Knott. Gan takes this opportunity to interrogate Lady Shadowmeld, and ends up paying off the bounty on Lana’s life and allows the would be assassin to go free in exchange for evidence proving that Lord Elmont had hired the Black Wind to kill the Duchess. Meanwhile Lana’s wounds continue to heal and after a day she is well enough to complete her journey home. The party arrives in Knott and receives a hero’s welcome at the palace. They spend the night celebrating, and the next morning they are all rewarded with enchanted cloaks as symbols of Knott’s debt to the group. As the ceremony the Duchess asks one more favor of the adventurers, to travel into the depths of the Roivelle Forest and find out what has become of Sir Reed, a knight of Knott who has recently gone missing. The party agrees to this task and heads into the forest.

While making their way into the dense and oppressive woods of the Roivelle, Mazz notices the tracks of a large band of lizard folk. Following these tracks leads them to a kobold encampment guarded by several of these forrest dwelling lizards as well as a huge wolf. A minor battle takes place and the party eventually is able to scare off the kobolds. Upon searching the camp discovers Sir Reed locked in a large cage, he reveals that his company of soldiers had been attacked while traveling in the woods and he was taken captive. He does not know what has become of the rest of his men, and he urges the party to help him search the forest for any other survivors…

8. Trial By Combat

April 19 – June 23, 213 Tyr

Following a few days spent under close guard, the party faced Lord Elmont and his chosen champions: the magician Amix, a giant from lands far to the west, and Lord Hanley. The fight was short but brutal; Gan dispatched the wizard in short order, but received a crush retributive strike from the giant, Maz and Sid felled the colossus, and in a display of unbridled arcane might, Joules incinerated his erstwhile foe Lord Hanley. Elmont, outnumbered four-to-one, surrendered in short order.

The party’s innocence proven through combat (Commonwealth traditions will always seem rather odd to desert folk,) the party decided to accompany the duchess back to Knott. After some day’s travel, the party stumbled across that famous troupe of performers known as the Commonmirth. Beloved by the hoi polloi and tolerated by the wealthy, the Commonmirth were traveling to Knott to perform for the duchess when they had been beset by a great, many-headed beast. With some difficulty, the party managed to slay the beast, although the exact mechanism of their victory was something of a mystery. But then, it’s said that any magical beast you can walk away from is a good one. As a reward for saving them from the beast, the Commonmirth performed their traditional ballad, “The Captain’s Wife’s Lament,” and promised all members of the party roles in one of their shows.

Exhausted from their journey and their fight with the beast, the party went to sleep under the open sky. Their rest was cut short, however, by the duchess’ blood-curdling scream as the assassin Lady Shadowmeld stabbed a knife into her chest…

7. Murders in Darrow Pt. III

April 18-19, 213 Tyr

The party solves the murders. Ends with Lord Elmont busting in on the trial of Hanley.


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