Deep in the obscured land of Mistvale lies a town of ill repute. The stench of corruption runs rampant in the streets mixed with the musty aroma of the perpetually soaked wood of the houses and shops that line the tight streets.

Once Dampwood was an honest rest stop and trading post, used by honest farmers, trappers, hunters and travelers on their way to the Free Cities, but after a bloody coup led by the man known only as Grin, the reputation of the town entered a deep and endless spiral.

Gambling halls, opium dens, brothels and blood stained pubs inhabit the honeycomb of dilapidated shops and stalls that line the narrow streets. The entire town is a front for the criminal organization run by Grin, Lidless.

Grin is an imposing man regardless of the fact of his scrawny stature, but rather due to the hideous stitching job done to the entire left side of his face and the way his cat-like eyes stair clear though you. At a rather young age, he had been taken and tortured by a family rivaling his own for exclusive trading rights with traders passing through Dampwood. It is said that they sliced his face up rather badly but the worst of it and the only portion that could not heal by conventional methods, was when they cut clear though his left cheek extending this mouth clear to his ear with a blade that bore a curse on it. The best that any physician could do was bind the two portions of cleaved flesh together using thing leather thongs. As the years passed, insanity slowly crept over the once polite boy and he delved into the cesspool of organized crime, becoming the leader of “the gang that never sleeps”- The Lidless. Now, no citizen so much as sneezes in his town without his knowledge and consent.


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