Sid Corvino

Knowledge-driven Warlock


Sid is a Neophyte of the Mysteries Coalition and under employment of the Combine. Earns a meager living from doing odd-jobs he is able to pick up from the Combine, but supplements that with cash earned from his ‘side projects’ including fencing items from his journeys to the evacuated and overrun towns, and monetary rewards from the Coalition for data collected from sanctioned experiments. He has made a bit of a name for himself in the Combine as well as with the soldiers, they call him Glass Cannon Corvino. Proud of his Nassari heratage, he hardly exemplifies the traits associated with borderline xenophobic people of the desert. Granted his skin is of a lighter pigmentation than that of most of the Nassari, and this sometimes causes a less than hospitable response from the more ignorant of the Nassari people, he is blissfully oblivious to the fact that some people hold him in even higher regards than most other guild workers or even silver champions. He works hard for his people, and takes pride in his work.

wears a light chain shirt under his Coalition uniform tunic (highly altered by the elements along with touches of his own style) of maroon and thin silver trim. Unless he is laying to rest he also wears a thick forest green cloak that strangely is able to allow him to blend in with the desert surroundings. His cloak is able to keep the sand from working its way under his clothing when exploring the dunes along with keeping his cooler-than-ambient-temperature body heat in during the hot days and that same body heat in during the sub-zero nights. Under his cloak is his Combine tabard doubled backwards like a cape. Only when he is on Combine business or sometimes in a formal setting does he wear his tabard correctly. He sports goggles fashioned from a steel, carapace mixture with this slits held together with leather bands. When in foreign lands his goggles are kept around his neck hidden by his cloak, when in the desert they are kept on his forehead when not protecting his eyes, explaining his odd hair pattern. His Academy research tome, a dark blue and shimmering silver book, is slung over his shoulder attached by a silver chain to a heavy fabric strap under a cloak. Crossing his body in the opposite direction is a belt attached to a metal scabbard, one that looks like it once held a thick bladed great-sword, with a stopper fitted in the mouth obscured by his cloak. One of his hands are wrapped in a gray fabric with thin white runes and fingertips exposed, the other clad in a bronze gauntlet with a socket on the back of the hand exposing his seal. His seal shines bright blue, almost white when he casts. His somewhat loose pants are tucked into his boots, bound by the same wrappings that adorn his hands, and clasped in armored spats to keep sand from creeping into his boots. When in a more formal setting he does not bind his pants into his boots and lets his pants fall straight over his boots. He recently recovered a mask (upper left) from the cold body of a destroyed construct that was doing the bidding of his deceased Warlock master. He wears the mask when in combat. In Nassari tradition, an extra eye(set of eyes) on one’s forehead is a sign of intelligence and abnormally strong magical energy

Attached to his book-strap is a small scabbard with a onyx kukri with a red leading edge. His Eldritch blast has manifested itself into a brilliant blue clap of lightning arching between his two hands then towards his opponent for a powerful strike, but has also learned how to control this ability with one hand with less accuracy.


Sid Corvino

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